Mikao Usui, Sensai

Dual Healing

Japanese Reiki for the Western World


a change for the better

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"Dual Healing"  The web site provides a lot of useful information about Reiki, good quality Reiki training courses and a wide range of helpful materials and resources that will support you in your Reiki practice and teaching.

Are you looking at ways of improving or changing your life?

I asked myself this question 7 years ago  and came up with yes as my answer and found REIKI.

If you are looking at changing or developing your life style then I can work with you helping with relaxation, stress relief, problem solving and self development.

If you are looking for training I can train you at all levels of Reiki,

I work mainly with Traditional Eastern Reiki Techniques but can train you in Western Techniques if you wish, I can also help with solving your problems of stress, lack of relaxation and problem solving using a relatively new Reiki Technique known as the Reiki Drum Technique.

Animal Healing

I have for some time worked with animals who have been sick or suffering from ailments, animals have no preconceptions and are wonderful to work with and will take as much Reiki healing energy as they need and no more, I have worked with Horses, cats, dogs, birds both wild and pets and a few unusual animals, look at my Facebook page Dualhealing.

Reiki Evolution